“I will not lie motionless in a bed with coverlets up to my chin, waiting for death to claim me.”


Wynne had served the Circle for most of her life, and was well respected for her strong sense of duty. She believed wholeheartedly in what the Circle stands for, and had been a vocal advocate of magic and for apprentices to be able to learn to control their gifts of magic and use them to serve humankind.

The fear of magic is born of misunderstanding, but Wynne cautioned apprentices never to forget that the fear is also a real one. For all the good the magic gift can bring, it will also always attract demons and therefore the risk of possession. Too many times in history have possessed abominations wreaked destruction on the lands, and thus every mage has a debt to repay. “Earn your place,” she has said, “and you shall not be reviled.”

Her peers thought so highly of her that she was asked to become the new First Enchanter of Ferelden’s Tower. She refused, saying that she had no desire to work in the upper ranks of the Circle. When word recently reached the Tower of King Cailan’s call to arms against the Blight, Wynne readily volunteered to go to Ostagar.

Wynne appeared to have been born into the Spirit healer role as a natural. In her childhood, she can recall entering the Fade in her dreams and feeling a particular spirit watching over her. Later on, if you get to know her, she speculates that this is a Spirit of Faith—much like the benevolent spirits of courage and compassion, but never before identified in known accounts.

Wynne is known to have occasionally sought the “company” of other mages, and even bore a son out of wedlock with a templar in the Circle. According to her, the child was taken from her by the Chantry and she was too weak from the birthing process to stop them at that point. Wynne still thought about her son all the time.

Wynne joined the Wardens when they came to the tower to seek aid of the mages. With Warden’s help she cleansed the Circle from being over run by abominations and saved the circle from being killed by the templars.

She joined the Wardens and took on a mothering role to them all. She recently journeyed to cast her vote on whether or not she believed the circle should try to free it’s self from the circle.


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