"What's meeting with a darkspawn like? 'Hello, I'm a darkspawn, would you like some tea?'"


Sigrun was a member of the Carta when she lived in Orzammar. A local store owner, Mischa, was sympathy towards Sigrun, feeling that the casteless turned to the Carta because most other options of supporting themselves were closed to them. Mischa took Sigrun in however one day a statuette of the Paragon of House Bemot was stolen, and Beraht, the Carta’s boss, forced Sigrun to hide the statuette in Mischa’s shop. Eventually it was discovered and Mischa was exiled to the surface for theft. In time Sigrun joined the Legion of the Dead and was befriended by Varlan Vollney, a fellow Legionnaire formerly of the Noble caste. Varlan eventually died and Sigrun took his signet ring as a memento of her lost friend.

During Commander Lilith’s investigation of the intelligent Darkspwan she saves Sigrun from being dragged off by other Darkspwan. The two became close and Sigrun gave up being a member if the Legand of the Dead to become a Grey Warden. Sigrun spends much of her time wondering Ferelden looking for outcrops of Darkspawn and anyone who might want to join up to the order. Being a cherrful and oddly adorable Dwarf she seems to be a kind face for the order.


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