Ashanna Valen

"I care nothing for your Maker. He is a pretender sitting upon a throne long abandoned by my own gods. Sitting upon a the stolen throne of departed gods does not make you divine."


Ashanna is a Dalish Apostate from a clan that once traveled The Arbor Wilds.

Though she rarely speaks of her past to others, the story goes that she was sent to Clan Valen at a young age to serve as First to the clan’s Keeper, as her birth clan already had a first and Dalish clans prefer not to have too many apostates in their ranks. She barely remembers her family clan, with only a few names and faces with little to no context. She considered Clan Valen her family, the Keeper her mother and the other children her age her siblings. They were as close as any blood.

Ashanna is the sole surviving member of her clan after it was put to the sword by Templars. Their clan’s keeper had used her magic to heal the children of a farmer living on the edge of a forest after they were attacked by wolves in the night. Instead of showing gratitude, the family reported their presence to local Templars who demanded that Keeper Solvanna turn herself in to join the circle, threatening to also arrest the entire clan for harboring apostates. When Solvanna refused, the Templar’s commander – Knight-Captain Andre Guerrin, a former Orlesian Chevalier, ordered that the clan be put to the sword. Rumor holds that Solvanna ordered Ashanna to hide in the trees and not reveal herself under any circumstances. She watched as the Templars killed the entire clan – man, woman and child – and Andre personally killed Keeper Solvanna.

Ashanna was Solvanna’s first, and after the Templars left Ashanna took her dead mentor’s robes and took the mantle of keeper to a dead clan. She performed the death rites for the entire clan as Fen’Harel chased the moon across the sky, finishing at last when the sun finally rose.

After that, Ashanna lived alone – and if the trail of mutilated dead Templar Recruits leading from The Dales to Ferelden are any indication, she swore vengeance against the Order. It is known that she was involved in the death of the Knight-Commander of Ferelden’s Templars, and it is believed that she delivered the killing blow to the man herself. After that she was taken in by Warden Commander Lilith personally to lend her considerable magical power to the Grey Wardens.

Ashanna Valen

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