Alora Winbow

"What is good for the clan is good for me, and what is good for me is good for the clan."


Alora is a slight Dalish elf, all willowy limbs and looking like she would only tip the scale past 100lbs if she were soaking wet and fully armored. She has a bow slung across her back, and a shortsword in a right-hand draw position at her left hip. Her face is adorned with the facial tattooes typical of her race, the ink a deep red across coppery skin. Her dark brown hair is cropped short, none falling into her brown eyes. Her one concession to femininity is a braid that runs close to her scalp which forms something akin to a headband.

When she arrived at the stronghold of the Grey Wardens, she was garbed in dark brown leathers with greens and browns. Now though, her boots are still brown, but she now wears leather armor dyed blue and grey.


Alora was born to Malerra, a crafter, and Dan’elor, the First Hunter. When Alora was very young, the caravan was attacked by bandits, and Malerra disappeared. Despite his best efforts, Dan’elor could not trace where his wife had gone. To this day, he still hopes to find where the bandits took her, even if only to retrieve her remains.

She was always very dutiful to Clan Winbow growing up, and held the Keeper and the First in high regard. As a child, she hoped that she would follow their vaunted footsteps, but no magic appeared around her, and so she set to helping the Winbow Clan as best she could. She was a natural scout; finding useful information about the roads ahead and espying prey long before it caught wind of her scent.

She apprenticed under the her father’s second, Bor’assan. Alora respected her mentor almost as much as Keeper Ivorna and her First, Alasse.

When Alora was of age, she was sent off on a hunt to find the creature that was harassing the Hallas, the white deer sacred to the Dalish, in the area. She found that it was a Blight Wolf, and slew it quickly. When she returned, she received her vallaslin, and her father presented her with a beautifully crafted and carved bow, stating that it had been the bow Malerra had made for him years ago.

Her keen senses spotted a group of children, almost old enough for their tattoos, slipping away from the Clan’s encampment; though how no others noticed them shushing the youngest member of the group remains a mystery to Alora. One of the children slipped away from her watch, while the others killed a horse belonging to Sil Tabris. Fearing Darkspawn in the woods, Alora went in search of the missing child, finding him over the corpse of a slain buck. Despite the waste, Alora and the child were forced to abandon the animal when tainted beasts caught their scent.

After alerting the caravan, and the blight beasts were dealt with, they discovered the pair of Gray Wardens whom had been traveling for recruits. Sil demanded recompense for her slain mount, and as the child who killed the horse could not pay the price, Alora accepted the burden of her going to the Grey Wardens; her logic being that she could have just as easily stopped the girl-child from killing the horse as the child herself, and thus was responsible as the adult watching on… Though she made sure before she left that each of the children’s masters knew exactly what they had done. Though this was met with trepidation from Ivorna, and outright refusal from Dan’elor, Alora could not be dissuaded from what she felt was the right course.

She has taken up learning from Unathe in order to better understand the use of herbs and hopes to learn medicine to augment her skills in the field.

Alora Winbow

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