The Dales


The Dales, once belonging to the Empire of Trevinta was gifted to the Elves as a promise from the Wife of the Maker, Androstate. Elves from across the whole of Thedas journeyed to their new home to regain their lost language and culture.

In their attempt to regain the lost glory of Elvhenan, the elves cut themselves off from their human neighbors. Throughout the Second Blight, which lasted for most of the Divine Age, the elves of the Dales remained neutral and unhelpful. When the city of Montsimmard was nearly destroyed by darkspawn in 1:25 Divine, it is alleged that an elven army watched from a nearby hilltop and did nothing. Their apparent indifference fueled increasing hostility between the Dales and Orlais after the Blight leading to an Exalted march where the might of Orlais crashed down upon The Dales. Those who would convert to the Chantry are the long ago relations of the elves who live in the city, those who would not submit are the Dalish elves.

Although the nation of Orlais now lays claim to the Dales, every branch, stream, and stone preserve the memories of elven history. From the lush forests of the Emerald Graves to the icy highlands of Emprise du Lion, fractured remnants of the ancient elves live on. Recently The Empress of Orlais offered Marquise of the Dales to anyone who could slay the Dragon terrorizing the area. A young Dalish has done so and once again the area is ruled by an elf for the first time since the Glory Age.


Marquise of the Dales: Reagan


Solas of the ancient ways

Briala of the City Elves

Keeper Ivorna of The Dalish

Grey Wardens of the Cœur Blessé

The Dalish




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The Dales

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