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  • Isala Lethallin

    Ashanna has been spotted spending some time with Warden Commander Lilith in her office often the two seem to be talking. Since the talks began Warden Commander and Ashanna seem to make a point to have tea together once a week.

  • Ma nuvenin

    Ashanna has spent much of her time reading books on the fade, Dalish history, and magic. Since beginning her studies she seems to have found something within that has softened her heart and her demeanor.

  • Fen'Harel enansal

    Ashanna went to the woods near Vigil’s keep to gather supplies for Unathe with Brian to escort her. Before leaving the keep Ashanna was given a flower by Adanna, the silent freed slave from Trivinta. While in the woods Brian heard the sound of someone …

  • Sa’Vunin Revas

    Ashanna went to Ferris; a freed slave of the Trevintia imperium, when he arrived with his latest freed slaves to Ferelden. The two spoke briefly before he departed.

  • You tell me it’s the institution

    Landin heard of merchants being robbed on the road from Vigil’s keep to other towns. Landin offered his services bringing his companion Dog with him to ensure a merchant made it to the next town safely. Along the way they were attacked by three men who …

  • Looks like you need a hero

    While in Amaranthine Alessandra saw a women asking for help in the chantry courtyard to find her sister. Questioning the women Alessandra found out that the sister had gone missing three days ago from their home. Searching the home Alessandra followed the …

  • Evaluating Pedigree

    Landin has spent time with the Manbari War Hound breeder who lives at the keep. Currently Dog is getting to know some of the other hounds in the hope that there will be puppies everywhere.

  • Deep Roads adventure

    Landin spent much time getting to know the Dwarves of Vigil’s keep, talking over customs and their lives. After a few long conversations with Sigrun he was invited to go with her into the Deep Roads entrance under the Keep to cull some Darkspawn. They …

  • Enansal

    For the first time in many of the Warden’s memory Warden Commander has been displaying something a kin to religious devotion with a small statue of a Dalish god has been noticed in her office.

  • Friends in new places

    Alora has been spending much time with Unathe, the crafter and creator of potions, medicine and other such things for the keep. Unathe has been training her in the skill as well as using her as her most common ingredients fetcher.

  • Warning on the road

    Alora came back from a trip in the woods getting Unathe herbs straight to Commander Lilith’s office. Shortly after leaving the office Alora and Nathaniel will ride out of the keep for the better part of a day before returning with two extremely exhausted …

  • Black Marsh preparations

    After a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith Alora volunteered to go forward and scout of the Black Marsh. Ashanna was suggested as a good second for the operation. The two headed off to the Black Marsh, there they cleared the darkspawn trying to dig up …

  • Haunted Graves

    Alessandra decided to investigate the rumors of the haunted grave yard near Vigil’s Keep. She set out in the night and came upon three would-be grave robbers (seemingly wanting to take a grave marker with them, though the rumors range about whose marker …

  • Tel garas solasan

    Ashanna will awake early one morning, have a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith and depart the keep for two weeks before returning, seeming in much higher spirits then she had been when she departed.

  • Raiders on the Road

    Landen was given a special task by the Warden Commander to go and deal with a group of raiders that happened to be attacking people in the woods. After quickly defeating them along with his hound Dog they came upon the camp discovering many of the goods …

  • Princess Elinor

    While the King and Queen where within Vigil’s Keep Princess Elinor went to Landen and spared with him a number of times to improve her skill.

  • Dareth

    Ashanna has been going back and forth from the Keep to ensure that the preparation for the coming Elven gathering goes well.

  • Tel'abelas

    Ashanna hears a rumor of exotic animals being sold by the docks. She goes to investigate and returns with a small stash of animals.

  • Adopting

    The Elven servants Alora helped rescue and protect from the Dupris manor have begon working at the keep. The little Elven boy Alore and Ashanna adopted from town is being trained by the armor smith, he seems to be enjoying greatly his new role. Another …

  • City elf wedding

    Alora and Unathe went together to see a city elf wedding and to see the different ways people celebrate their marriage different then the Dalish.

  • Comfort

    Alessandra comforted the Widow Dupris and as a reword for saving her the Widow gave the land of her dead husband to the Grey Wardens to use as they say fit.

  • Crime in Amaranthine

    The crime that had been sloppy performed through out the city seems to have taken switched management in some where. While there is still some crime it seems to have gained a measure of class.

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