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  • You tell me it’s the institution

    Landin heard of merchants being robbed on the road from Vigil’s keep to other towns. Landin offered his services bringing his companion Dog with him to ensure a merchant made it to the next town safely. Along the way they were attacked by three men who …

  • Evaluating Pedigree

    Landin has spent time with the Manbari War Hound breeder who lives at the keep. Currently Dog is getting to know some of the other hounds in the hope that there will be puppies everywhere.

  • Deep Roads adventure

    Landin spent much time getting to know the Dwarves of Vigil’s keep, talking over customs and their lives. After a few long conversations with Sigrun he was invited to go with her into the Deep Roads entrance under the Keep to cull some Darkspawn. They …

  • Raiders on the Road

    Landen was given a special task by the Warden Commander to go and deal with a group of raiders that happened to be attacking people in the woods. After quickly defeating them along with his hound Dog they came upon the camp discovering many of the goods …

  • Princess Elinor

    While the King and Queen where within Vigil’s Keep Princess Elinor went to Landen and spared with him a number of times to improve her skill.

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