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  • Isala Lethallin

    Ashanna has been spotted spending some time with Warden Commander Lilith in her office often the two seem to be talking. Since the talks began Warden Commander and Ashanna seem to make a point to have tea together once a week.

  • Ma nuvenin

    Ashanna has spent much of her time reading books on the fade, Dalish history, and magic. Since beginning her studies she seems to have found something within that has softened her heart and her demeanor.

  • Fen'Harel enansal

    Ashanna went to the woods near Vigil’s keep to gather supplies for Unathe with Brian to escort her. Before leaving the keep Ashanna was given a flower by Adanna, the silent freed slave from Trivinta. While in the woods Brian heard the sound of someone …

  • Sa’Vunin Revas

    Ashanna went to Ferris; a freed slave of the Trevintia imperium, when he arrived with his latest freed slaves to Ferelden. The two spoke briefly before he departed.

  • Enansal

    For the first time in many of the Warden’s memory Warden Commander has been displaying something a kin to religious devotion with a small statue of a Dalish god has been noticed in her office.

  • Black Marsh preparations

    After a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith Alora volunteered to go forward and scout of the Black Marsh. Ashanna was suggested as a good second for the operation. The two headed off to the Black Marsh, there they cleared the darkspawn trying to dig up …

  • Tel garas solasan

    Ashanna will awake early one morning, have a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith and depart the keep for two weeks before returning, seeming in much higher spirits then she had been when she departed.

  • Dareth

    Ashanna has been going back and forth from the Keep to ensure that the preparation for the coming Elven gathering goes well.

  • Tel'abelas

    Ashanna hears a rumor of exotic animals being sold by the docks. She goes to investigate and returns with a small stash of animals.

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