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  • Friends in new places

    Alora has been spending much time with Unathe, the crafter and creator of potions, medicine and other such things for the keep. Unathe has been training her in the skill as well as using her as her most common ingredients fetcher.

  • Warning on the road

    Alora came back from a trip in the woods getting Unathe herbs straight to Commander Lilith’s office. Shortly after leaving the office Alora and Nathaniel will ride out of the keep for the better part of a day before returning with two extremely exhausted …

  • Black Marsh preparations

    After a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith Alora volunteered to go forward and scout of the Black Marsh. Ashanna was suggested as a good second for the operation. The two headed off to the Black Marsh, there they cleared the darkspawn trying to dig up …

  • Adopting

    The Elven servants Alora helped rescue and protect from the Dupris manor have begon working at the keep. The little Elven boy Alore and Ashanna adopted from town is being trained by the armor smith, he seems to be enjoying greatly his new role. Another …

  • City elf wedding

    Alora and Unathe went together to see a city elf wedding and to see the different ways people celebrate their marriage different then the Dalish.

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