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  • Looks like you need a hero

    While in Amaranthine Alessandra saw a women asking for help in the chantry courtyard to find her sister. Questioning the women Alessandra found out that the sister had gone missing three days ago from their home. Searching the home Alessandra followed the …

  • Haunted Graves

    Alessandra decided to investigate the rumors of the haunted grave yard near Vigil’s Keep. She set out in the night and came upon three would-be grave robbers (seemingly wanting to take a grave marker with them, though the rumors range about whose marker …

  • Comfort

    Alessandra comforted the Widow Dupris and as a reword for saving her the Widow gave the land of her dead husband to the Grey Wardens to use as they say fit.

  • Crime in Amaranthine

    The crime that had been sloppy performed through out the city seems to have taken switched management in some where. While there is still some crime it seems to have gained a measure of class.

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