Dragon Age: Condemnation

Codex 1
The Origins

As a member of the elite and renowned unit of Fereldan fighters who use mabari war hounds in battle who work for no pay and instead work for whatever cause they deem just Landin had been hired by Arl Eamon to defend the city of Red Cliff since some of the people had disappeared in the night. During one of his watches he heard a sound by the docks. He and his mabari simply called Dog found dark spawn taking people away. The fight was over quickly but not before Landin had been tainted by Dark Spawn blood. He was looked after in the Chantry of Red Cliff until Grey Warden Sigrun came to Red Cliff to take him to Vigil’s Keep to put him through the Joining to save his life.

Alora of the Dalish clan Winbow had been traveling through Ferelden with her clan when they had stopped to let the Halla, sacred deer to their people, rest. During this time Alora saw a few members of her clan rush into the woods to try and prove their mantle to gain their Vallaslin (face tattoos proving adult status). As she followed to ensure they did not do something foolish she saw them kill a horse that ran through the bushes which had been chased by a dark spawn creature. Alora, the children and the clan were saved from the beast as two Grey Wardens killed the beast. The Wardens, Vallena and Sil asked the Keeper to give unto them a recruit in exchange for the horse that the clan had killed. Alora volunteered to join their ranks as she felt responsible for what had happened.

Ashanna of the Dalish Clan Valen after the loss of her clan to Templars had been journeying further and further into Ferelden on her own. Being a first to her keeper and being considered an apostate mage by most she kept to the woods. One night in the fade she helped a spirit of a dead child find its way to the cross roads. While there a wolf spirit advised Ashanna to wake or else she too would find herself at the crossroads. Ashanna woke to find a group of Templars marching through the forest, though they were looking for someone else she assisted the Grey Warden Nathaniel and the Warden Commander Lilith protect the group of newly recruited mages from the Templars who wanted to take them back to the tower. Warden Commander Lilith offered Ashanna to join the Grey Wardens.

Alessandra Fiore had an arranged marriage to a merchant’s first born son to help her family’s status and wealth. One night her betrothed’s brother became drunk and aggressive towards her, to defend herself in a panic she accidently stabbed him, killing him. Alessandra fearing for the safety of her family and her own life jumped on the first ship out of Antiva which brought her to Ferelden. She came to Vigil’s keep hoping the Warden’s would accept her, which they did.

Codex 2
The Joining

As all of them arrived at Vigil’s Keep they were introduced to one another sharing brief histories with one another. Warden Commander Lilith advised that Ashanna, Landin, Alora, and Alessandra would be sent to pick up vials of Dark Spawn blood from Blackmarsh as well as some elf root for the ritual as the keep did not have all the supplies on hand. The group was given the option to select a senior Warden to go with them. Alora suggested Sil and the rest of the group agreed.

When they arrived at the Blackmarsh they found a manor house standing among the ruins of what had once been a town. When Landin had his mabari Dog look around it lead them to the manor where some Dark Spawn rushed from the house. The group worked together to defeat the group of Grenlocks with Sil staying towards the back allowing them to get a feel of working together.

After killing the Dark spawn the group went into the manor to see if there were any indications where the dark spawn had come from. Inside the house they found books, silver, weapons and indications that the house had belonged to a triventer Magister, Triventia being known for being a country run by mages who are reported to dawdle strongly in blood magic. They also found the bodies of the elven servants as well as a hole in the floor that looked to go to the Deep Roads.

The group decided to destroy the building and headed back to Vigil’s Keep. Where they took part in the joining where they had to drink the Dark Spawn blood along with some other things. In an almost unheard of event they all survived the rite.

Isala Lethallin

Ashanna has been spotted spending some time with Warden Commander Lilith in her office often the two seem to be talking. Since the talks began Warden Commander and Ashanna seem to make a point to have tea together once a week.

Ma nuvenin

Ashanna has spent much of her time reading books on the fade, Dalish history, and magic. Since beginning her studies she seems to have found something within that has softened her heart and her demeanor.

Fen'Harel enansal

Ashanna went to the woods near Vigil’s keep to gather supplies for Unathe with Brian to escort her. Before leaving the keep Ashanna was given a flower by Adanna, the silent freed slave from Trivinta. While in the woods Brian heard the sound of someone calling him. They followed the sound of the voice to find an old elven ruins with an ancient dalish relic within. Ashanna and Brian headed back to the keep after getting the supplies and informed Warden Commander Lilith and Velanna who brought along Adanna. Together they found the item to be tainted and had in cleansed, it has been advised that no one journey in the ruins

Sa’Vunin Revas

Ashanna went to Ferris; a freed slave of the Trevintia imperium, when he arrived with his latest freed slaves to Ferelden. The two spoke briefly before he departed.

You tell me it’s the institution

Landin heard of merchants being robbed on the road from Vigil’s keep to other towns. Landin offered his services bringing his companion Dog with him to ensure a merchant made it to the next town safely. Along the way they were attacked by three men who were quickly dispatched. Landin found that they seemed to have been hired from an inn in town to make trouble for the people of the Keep and town. Landin tracked the inn down and found three men hiring anyone who complained about Warden Commander Lilith’s role for a chance to exact some punishment. Landin came upon them and after killing two of the men learned the name of the man responsible for hiring these men to setup these troubles, a noble by the name of Barren Dupris. Landin reported his findings to Nathaniel and the Steward.

Friendship with its own benefits

Alessandra makes a point of getting to know the people of the keep including the black smith and his wife. Through her friendship it seemed she was able to get some nicely crafted daggers for a discount.

To Whom It May Concern

While in Amaranthine Alessandra saw a women asking for help in the chantry courtyard to find her sister. Questioning the women Alessandra found out that the sister had gone missing three days ago from their home. Searching the home Alessandra followed the clues to the location of the girl being held by a con man. After catching the conman and freeing the girl as well as turning over the conman with his ill-gotten gains to the city guard and has started to investigate the crime ring he may have belonged to.

Evaluating Pedigree

Landin has spent time with the Manbari War Hound breeder who lives at the keep. Currently Dog is getting to know some of the other hounds in the hope that there will be puppies everywhere.


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