Dragon Age: Condemnation


Ashanna had a meeting with the King and Queen with Warden Commander Lilith.

Enasal Era

Ashanna spent time talking to the prisoner Anton to discover his crimes.


Ashanna has been going back and forth from the Keep to ensure that the preparation for the coming Elven gathering goes well.

Princess Elinor

While the King and Queen where within Vigil’s Keep Princess Elinor went to Landen and spared with him a number of times to improve her skill.

Raiders on the Road

Landen was given a special task by the Warden Commander to go and deal with a group of raiders that happened to be attacking people in the woods. After quickly defeating them along with his hound Dog they came upon the camp discovering many of the goods stolen as well as an Elf by the name of Anton in a cage. On the journey back to the keep Landen realized he knew of Anton as a heretic to the Chantry and handed him over to the Warden Commander.

Codex 3
Cleaning up

Alessandra, Alora, and Ashanna went into town with some of the other Wardens to have a drink at the local tavern. While there they saw a looser side of the recruits. They heard some gossip about the dalish moving all in what seems to be one direction. While enjoying their evening they witnessed a bounty hunter questioning the bar tender.

Alessandra talked to the bounty hunter to get some details and discovered they were looking for a couple people as well as a large box. When the bounty hunter left the tavern Alessandra followed, prompting the two dalish to follow along.

The three witnessed the bounty hunter threaten an Inn Keeper before heading upstairs. Alora climbed the building while Ashanna and Alessandra walked up the stairs behind the bounty hunter. After questioning the bounty hunter they learned she was from Trivinta and she was also someone who returned escaped slaves to their “owners”.

After the Bounty Hunter was released the group split with Ashanna and Alora going after the bounty hunter to ensure she was brought to justice and Alessandra stayed to comfort the Inn Keeper.

Alora and Ashanna returned with a young Elven child they brought back to the keep.

The next night after they had reported what they had discovered about the box being delivered to the Dupris manor, the Dupris being implicated in two assassination attempts Alora, Ashanna, Alessandra and Landan were sent to investigate the Dupris manor.

Alora and Landan snuck into the second floor, Ashanna crept in through the study while Alessandra went through the front door. While investigating the party it became suddenly apparent that some kind of madness was going on. Most of the group headed to the basement to hande the blood mages and demons while Alora rescued the elven staff members who were still alive. After the bloodshed was finished only the group, the Widow Dupris and the elven servents survived. The area was purged of all of its demon and blood magic artifacts by the group. The survivors were brought back to Vigil’s Keep.

Tel garas solasan

Ashanna will awake early one morning, have a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith and depart the keep for two weeks before returning, seeming in much higher spirits then she had been when she departed.

Haunted Graves

Alessandra decided to investigate the rumors of the haunted grave yard near Vigil’s Keep. She set out in the night and came upon three would-be grave robbers (seemingly wanting to take a grave marker with them, though the rumors range about whose marker it was). She collected them and brought them to the keep proper. It was revealed that the three were a Templar and two Templars in training. Warden Commander Lilith has had them imprison for varying lengths of time before she plans to release them.

Black Marsh preparations

After a meeting with Warden Commander Lilith Alora volunteered to go forward and scout of the Black Marsh. Ashanna was suggested as a good second for the operation. The two headed off to the Black Marsh, there they cleared the darkspawn trying to dig up through the rubble of the manor they had burned down. They cleared the area of tainted animals and returned to report their progress.

When four demons escaped from the fade during the ritual Alora and Ashanna worked together to eliminate the threat. Ashanna seemed to notice something during the ritual that lead her to jump through the hole to the fade with Alora following after. After defeated the demon in the fade they returned to confront Velanna who had been extremely tempted by the demon to become an abomination, Velanna was executed.

Warning on the road

Alora came back from a trip in the woods getting Unathe herbs straight to Commander Lilith’s office. Shortly after leaving the office Alora and Nathaniel will ride out of the keep for the better part of a day before returning with two extremely exhausted horses.

Rumor has it she had stumbled upon some information that implied someone was trying to kill the king.


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