Warden Commander Lilith Surana

"I can show you why Mages are feared if you keep pushing"


Lilith was the youngest of the group to be recruited to the Grey Wardens shortly after her Harrowing. She was renown for being extremely religious and supporting the circle as she was brought into the circle when was was just a toddler.

Lilith was a cheerful and easy going member often taking the polite political move during the war. She was elected the Commander of the Grey Wardens after the blight with the darkpawn proving herself with recruiting more members and defeating the intelligent darkspawn.

After the attempt on her Lilith seemed to have lost her faith and grew more daring and less cheerful as she continues to protect the Wardens, including recruiting more Mages then any other Warden Commander has before.

Warden Commander Lilith Surana

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