Reagan, Marquise of the Dales

"I am young but does not mean I am dimwitted."


Reagan was a child from a city elf from Stakhaven who joined the clan but died shortly after her child was born falling down a cliff face. Reagan was raised by the clan as one of their own despite her less than Dalish roots. Reagan had always been one of the first children to wonder from campsite, she had a habit of finding artifacts and danger to the clan before anyone else. Her magic manifested with a Halla being healed in front of the clan, she was given to Maram as a first to learn all she knew and in time to become a keeper herself.

Maram had died due to a sickness of the soul and though the clan worries her teachings have not been finished she has shown herself capable of protecting the clan. She was recently granted the title of Marquise of the Dales for killing the dragon that troubled the area. Though she is young and seems fairly capable of handling the politics thus far.

Reagan, Marquise of the Dales

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