Queen Gwendyln

"I've seen what abuse of power does first hand."


Being the second child and Only daughter of teyrn and teyrna Couslands, a family renown for it’s support during the war for independence She was allowed to study war far and became a skilled warrior.

However tragedy struck when Arl Howe later betrayed the Couslands, using the chaos of the Fifth Blight as his route to power. Her father, Teyrn Cousland had called together the forces of Highever and Amaranthine, intending to ride with Howe to support King Cailan against the darkspawn. However, upon arriving at Highever, Arl Howe told Teyrn Cousland that the Amaranthine forces would be delayed for a few of days. Not one to keep the King waiting, Teyrn Cousland sent the bulk of Highever’s forces ahead to Ostagar under the command of his eldest son Fergus Cousland, intending to leave with Howe’s Amaranthine men once they arrived.

After Fergus left the castle, Howe’s forces took advantage of the Couslands’ weakened defense and made a surprise attack during the night, killing the teyrn, his wife Teyrna Eleanor Cousland, and Fergus’ wife Oriana and son Oren, as well as most of the other inhabitants of the castle. Though Fergus was left as the rightful heir to the Teyrnir of Highever, Howe then declared himself the new teyrn.

Gwendyln was rescuedfrom being put to the sword by the Grey Warden Duncan who recruited her to the cause on his way to meet with the King. Through this she met her fellow heroes of Feralden and the love of her life, Alistair.

Following the end of the Fifth Blight, Fergus Cousland will inherit Highever and become the next Teyrn.

Gwendyln rules Ferelden justly and with care while her husband plays Hero King to the people and visiting nobles. They’ve had three children in the years since the blight.


Queen Gwendyln

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