Princess Elinor Theirin

"Don't let the crown scare you, the sword should do that fine."


a nine year old girl with wavy brown hair.


Elinor, the first child of King Alistair and Queen Gwendolyn. Elinor was named after the Queen’s mother who was murdered by the traitor Relend Howe with the rest of the Queen’s family. Being their first child there was a great festival held in honor of her birth. Elinor had grown to show signs of being as beautiful as her mother. Her personality does tend to reflect more of her father’s with a carefree humor and an easy going smile. She has had a number of sword masters come to train her as her mother seemed to feel that it was important to learn from as many people as possible to understand the different skills.

Elinor has often complained about not being allowed to go with her father on his adventure across Thedas. Elinor seems to be impressed extremely with the stories of heroes saving the day. She has read many books on the subject and can quote them at length.

Princess Elinor Theirin

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