Noleth Mahariel

“What a wonder it is to see such bravado in one such as yourself. It is heartwarming, truly, to see that there are yet humans willing to risk a slow and torturous death in pursuit of our most sacred treasures!”


His Father, a The Keeper of a Dalish clan was killed outright and his wife was wounded. She lived long enough to give birth to him and soon after disappeared in grief. From then on Ashalle took over the care of him.

He was tainted by being exposed a a corrupted artifact whi;le out hunting one evening and was recruited by the Grey Wardens. He stayed quiet mostly keeping to himself or to Morrigan. He was close only with Sil and Lilith of the other Wardens.

He disappeared a few months after the Blight with no clues to his whereabouts.

Noleth Mahariel

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