Nathaniel Howe

“My father often forgot that 'nobility' has another meaning.”


The relationship between Nathaniel Howe and the Grey Wardens are complicated.

The Howe name was once great, known across Ferelden as honorable stewards of their lands and protectors of their people’s freedom. But then Arl Rendon Howe betrayed his friend Bryce Cousland, the Teyrn of Highever, assumed a title that did not belong to him, threw his lot in with a regicide, and was slain for his deeds. And yet he was the lucky one. He did not live to see his surname dragged through the mud, his family stripped of titles and lands. It is Rendon’s son Nathaniel who has suffered for the sins of his father. He has been left with nothing, a pariah forced to live by wits alone. All he knows is that the father he loved is dead by a Grey Warden’s hand and that those murderers have now installed themselves in his childhood home.

He had broken in with the intent to kill the new Warden Commander Lilith for she would be the easiest to get to. He was arrest and was to be killed by Lilith spared his life bringing him into the Wardens. Rumors at the keep imply the conversion before the joining went along the lines of, “You like having Grey Wardens who want you dead?" “Some of my best friends have wanted me dead." he seemed to find some sort of redemption not only in his own eyes but in the eyes of the people by helping with Vigils’ Keep.

In the years he has been in the order he and Commander Lilith have not seen eye to eye and despite her never replacing Ogran as her second in command it does not take much to see that Nathaniel Howe serves swiftly as her right hand though he seems more level headed and less thrilled with the increased recruitment of mages worrying about what kind of backlash that might spring. There have been whispers and rumors about other ways Nathaniel might serve Commander Lilith but most of those rumors are quiet and not spoken when either are around.

Regardless he seems to be the logical thinker to Commander Lilith’s more impassioned one.

Nathaniel Howe

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