"Tis a curious thing. I do not know how else to describe it."


Morrigan first encounters The Wardens in the Korcari Wilds, following them in animal form and later leading them to Flemeth, who held ancient Grey Warden documents necessary for the completion of their Joining. Following the Battle of Ostagar, Morrigan helped nurse The Wardens back to health, later accompanying them on their quest at the behest of Flemeth.

Morriage was a renown shapeshifter and had a great deal of magical ability that marked her an apostate but she was protected with the Wardens for a time.

After she receiving and examining Flemeth’s Black Grimoire, Morrigan claims that her mother plans to possess her body in order to prolong her own life. To prevent this, Morrigan asks the Warden Noleth to slay Flemeth, which he does with the help of the other Wardens.

Morrigan disappeared for a time after the Archdemon was destroyed.

Recently Morrigan currently serves as an advisor to Empress Celene, arriving in the Orlesian court. She quickly insinuated herself into the court, gaining the favor of the empress who had long sought a source of magical knowledge untouched by religious dogma. However, rumors abound that Morrigan is a sinister influence on the throne, teaching the empress forbidden, dark arts.


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