Mara Hawke

"When in doubt, run away, and let me handle it."


The Champion of Kirkwall. Hawke is a human who lived in Lothering during the Fifth Blight in Ferelden, escaping the darkspawn attack by fleeing north to the Free Marches. If played as a warrior or rogue, Hawke was part of King Cailan’s army at Ostagar.

Mara Hawke’s father Malcolm was an apostate mage who died three years before the fifth blight, while her mother Leandra was a noble from Kirkwall. Hawke had two younger twin siblings – the mage Bethany and the warrior Carver. Carver was killed on the trip to Kirwall.

Bethany was killed when Hawk was trapped in the deeproads. A few years later her mother was murdered by a blood mage.

Tensions between the Qunari (who have been stranded in Kirkwall for several years and refuses to leave without their missing relic) and the city’s denizens have also been escalating. Hawke has been asked to intervene with Qunari affairs several times during their stay in Kirkwall but the discord reaches a boiling point when Aveline, now captain of the guard, enlists Hawke’s aid in trying to arrest some criminal elves who have been granted religious sanctuary in the Qunari Compound. The Arishok takes offense to the attempted arrest of his new converts and counterattacks, marshaling his forces to conquer the city and convert it to the Qun. Hawke is able to rally the templars and Circle mages and fight back the Qunari. They reach the Viscount’s Keep where Hawke either defeats the Arishok or is able to bargain with him to leave the city peacefully. Having saved the city, Hawke is crowned the new Champion of Kirkwall.

Three years later the Templars of Kirkwall went to perform the right of Analment of the city’s mages, Hawk went to defend them. Her name has become a rally cry for mages everywhere.

Mara Hawke

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