“It wasn't. You just didn't know any better.”


Once a slave of a Tevinter magister, Fenris is covered in a series of lyrium-infused markings, which grant him the unnatural abilities and seem to make him a brutal warrior. However, these markings are also extremely sensitive, and touching them often results in physical discomfort. Because of this, he has an aversion towards being touched.

Fenris escaped his slavery and killed his former master with the help of the champion of Kirkwall, Mara Hawk. After the rebellion that broke out in Kirkwall and he has used his skills in combat to find and free other slaves. Though he is still being hunted now for freeing slaves instead of his own status he seems almost fearless in this endeavor.

Some of the elves that Fenris has helped escape have joined the Grey Wardens as to further shield themselves from being taken back to Tevinta.


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