“The people fear what we can do, but to use that fear to bludgeon us into submission is wrong! And they do it with our blessing!”


Anders is a spirit healer. His real name is unknown, and his nickname refers to the fact that his family is from the Anderfels. When he started to exhibit magical abilities and set a barn on fire, his father grew afraid of him. At the age of twelve he was handcuffed and taken by the templars to the Ferelden Circle Tower. Anders despised the Circle and compared it to a prison. He made at least 7 attempts to escape the tower, each time being returned and punished by the templars. Yet, First Enchanter Irving believed that Anders, however reckless, posed no true threat. Anders’ next-to-last escape earned him a year of solitary confinement, in which the only company he had most days was the tower’s mouser named Mr. Wiggums. According to Anders, the cat became possessed by a rage demon and took out three templars. The final time Anders managed to run away was prior to Uldred’s uprising and releasing of demons in the tower.

Anders was recruited to the Grey Wardens by Warden Commander Lilith. During that time he was a companion to help end the Darkspawn problems. He stayed within the Grey Wardens for a time due to Warden Commander Lilith granting him protection from the Templars.

Warden Commander Lilith went on a journey to see the new Princess. During that time the replacement Warden Commander Ogran made life for Anders hard, He made Anders give up his cat (Sir Pounce A Lot) claiming it made him weak.

A former templar, Rolan, infiltrates the Grey Warden ranks to keep a close watch on Anders. Rumors insist that Anders allows a spirit called Justice (who had been ejected from the fade into the real world into a dead body) to use his body as a host, Rolan accuses him of becoming an abomination and brings the templars down on him, stating that the Wardens agreed with the decision. Anders kills Rolan, the templars and the Wardens at Virgil’s Keep and flees to Kirkwall.

These rumors about a Mage making pacts with spirits or demons under Commander Lilith’s watch is believed to be the reason for the attempt on her life.

In Kirkwall, Anders travels The Champion Mara Hawk for a time until the evening he blows up the Chantry, killing Grand Cleric and everybody else inside. Anders’ magical blast was not contained, and the blast also rained deadly debris from the Chantry over half of Kirkwall.

This starts the Kirkwall rebellion and it is the beginning of the Mage/Templar war. It is known the Champion Mara Hawk defended the mages of Kirkwall killing most of the Templars but it is unknown what happened to Anders.


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