“It does smell strongly of dog here.”


Alena is one of the few reinforcements from Orlesian branch of the Grey Wardens. Alena was once a member of one of the noble families before her father was shamed brutally in a game. Her family lost everything and in order to ensure the food for her sisters and mother she joined the Grey Wardens. She was close to becoming the Warden Commander of Orlesian Grey Warden’s until her mother and sisters converted to the Qun. With whispers of how tarnished she truly was with a disgraced father and the rest of her family now part of the Qunari’s ranks it was deemed necessary to get her as far from politics as possible sending her to Ferelden. Here she has risen in the ranks to become the steward of Vigil’s Keep showing herself to be extremely loyal to Warden Commander Lilith, or so it was thought.

With her sending some of the new recruits to Orlea and then disappearing it is hard for anyone to know what to make of this situation. Some worry she may have been pressured into the situation due to her family history while others worry this means something dangerous is on the horizon.


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