Dragon Age: Condemnation

Escorting a displaced Warden

Codex 4

The group were summoned to Alena‘s office and given an mission to escort Aldric LaPointe from Ferelden across the border. The group accepted the mission and picked him up from the docks. On their way to Orlais they were ambushed in the foothills by a group of Avvar tribesmen as well as shrieks and ghouls. While crossing the Frostback Mountains despite their prisoner’s evading any direct answers about what he had done he did have a habit of being tactfully disrespectful of most of them. When they got to the town to do the exchange they found it to be deserted. Alessandra and Landen split up to look for survivors. Ashanna said there was a rip in the Fade at the Chantry. All parties ended up at the Chantry where they were trapped by a demon in a fade representation of their fantasies breaking the rest of the companions out as well. Including Aldric. They handed him over to an Orlais Gray Warden that seemed to be the only survivor of the ordeal. The group headed home by ship to discover Warden commander Lilith had no idea where they had gone or why. They also discovered Alena disappeared shortly after.



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